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the second attempt!

After managing 7 months cold turkey last year without evening touching a cigarette for the first time in about 7 years, I fell of the wagon ! It started when i went to a live outdoor music event, I was very drunk and my friend offered me a ciggy, I took it off him not thinking at the time. I woke up the next day disgusted at myself for letting myself down, I'd worked so hard to get that point! I thought i could just put it behind me and move on. It didnt really work like that for me though I found it harder and harder to resist for the next coming weeks especially when around my smoking friends. I eventually gave in again while up the town i bought my first pack not caring anymore.....and so on 6 months later i still am! So i've learnt my lesson the hard the way!! once u stop u can never ever touch them again!

This is my plan from 19.5.10 I will never ever have another one ever again. I plan to use the same method as last time haribo sweets, some dumbells when the goings get tough, sheer grit and willpower and this forum. I know how hard it is from my first attempt especially the killer first 2 weeks but now I more determind more than ever before. I will post in the next few days to let u know how i have got on.

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Hi cumbrianlad-love the name and the county :):)

Well done you for getting back onto the quit . A blip surely after such a long time off the cigs. guess it shows us all that we can never become complacent.

GOOD LUCK MATE. I am only on week two using patches etc-but am determined never to smoke again. I thought too many times I could have just one :(:(

this forum is great for support and friendship . post as much as you can -it helps us all. sure you can give lots of tips too. Not too sure I will manage weights myself though [bit too old] --but Harribo sweets -bring em on .xx


I have full faith in you. Like you i quit for years and years then had just the one which then became 20 plus a day habit :mad: I went cold turkey then and i'm now 10 weeks ct going strong.

I wish you loads of luck, i know how awful the insanity of ct is but you sound well prepared and geared up for it. Keep posting. :)


Hi guys a big thankyou for the replys and the support.

Well thats day1 almost out the way again!

Oh why I have inflicted this on myself again i must be insane.. First of all this morning, on the way to work I walked past the newsagents i got that awfull feeling in my head where I was thinking to myself maybe just 1 more pack and i'll quit tommorow!... I thought about it and in the end i just walked on and ignored it! luckily from that point i have been really busy at work so I've not had a chance to think much about it! After work though on the way home I had the same thought as this morning but i've managed to ignore.


well done cumbrianlad

your day 1 done almost how cool:)

youve done it for 7 months in the past not for one minute saying it will be any easier for you ..just that in some ways you know what to expect & that you can do it again & beyond :)

keep smiling & ignoring them wicked craves :)


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