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No Smoking Day
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Lost count!

Hi all you non-smokers and all those that are contemplating "the quit", I think I have stopped for nearly a week. I think this is day seven, so nearly a week. Just wanted to say thanks for your supportive messages. Going on this forum is great cos everyone empathises with your angst, a rare thing indeed. I am feeling fine but worried that it is all going too smoothly. I have failed so many times that complacency is never going to be a problem, even after 10 years. So i am doing the AA thing of "one day at a time" whilst feigning serenity even when i feel like murdering the person on the bus who actually thinks it's acceptable to have a long loud chat about nothing in a public place. It actually causes me to wince when I hear the dreaded words "I'm on the bus.....10 minutes.....yeah , take it out the freezer.....O.K .....see you soon...love you... blah de blah del blah. Bloody mobile phones. Give us a break idiots!!! Would love to spark up a fag and watch their shocked expression!!!

Well, feel better after that rant. I could go on. Ipods on the bus are another one. Too Loud!

Anyway, so far so good, and with my trusty patch, it is remarkably painless, bar the occasional triggers of waking up in the morning, after meals and before bed and phoning someone, having a drink, watching telly and just chilling out really. That's quite a lot actually!!

Still, haven't cracked and don't intend to. But if I do, it will be my choice. So I choose not to smoke! Easy. I will deal with today and tomorrow will come along hopefully and then I'll deal with that. Time flies even when you're not smoking. Never expected that, thought my life would literally come to a stand-still and at times it does, but miraculously, the clock hands keep turning and night becomes day. At least I am not smoking my life away. Soon be the world cup. Forza scotland!! Oops, we didn't make it, again. Never mind.

Enough ramblings, have a good evening whatever you are doing.

Well done to all of you who are fending off the nicotine monster. We are the boss!!!


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hi rachel, well done for getting to day 7 u should be really proud of yourself. i have triggers that make me crave cigs too, i quit for 3 months once and i can tell you coping with the cravings does get easier as time goes on. i am also on patches and on day 3 at the moment. keep up the good work mate.



loved the post Rachel:):)

I agree with one day at time philosophy. cant ever really imagine this person me ?who doesnt have a cig somewhere on her person after 30 plus years.

As for ranting -well your cyber mate is here .

well done you -keep it up -and keep the humour.:D

you know -somewhere in the near distance -us newbies are going to be able to say -thanks but I dont smoke -and mean it .

this forum is just so good to meet others who just know what it is like to quit isnt it ?



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