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Taking my quit 'down under'

Hi guys

12 weeks today - how did I do it???? I'm really happy but I know I would have fallen a few times if you lot had not kept me up there - a huge THANK YOU

I have some personal news that I would like to share – I am taking my quit ‘down under’ at the end of June for the next year. I am nervous and excited, but my husband is running a studio out there in Brisbane and of course I want to be with him. I will keep posting before I go and hopefully once we have a house and broadband, I’ll be able to see how you are all doing.

Stay strong and keep going



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Steph massive congrats on your 12 weeks quit I remember you at the begining so well, and I am so pleased for you.

It wasnt so bad was it, much LOL and off to Brisbane are you well you want struggle like some on the flight now will you, have a good trip and send us piccys, house with pool of course and orange and lemon trees brilliant I wish I was rich and 20 years younger, will get Bladeflyer to bring us over on his Microlite, mmm do you think it would get there, we would have to make that many stops you would be back in blighty before we got there LOL xxx


Steph, well done on the 12 weeks and what a lifestyle change.



:)Wow steph amazing must be well excited about it all....brilliant for you ...Dont forget us wen u are all set up online ......12 weeks is a very good place to be ..xxxxxxx well done steph & hows ure mum doing? xxx:)


Fantastic - you lucky, lucky thing you!:) The thought of a 24 hour flight would have filled us all with dread a few months ago - how times change eh?

You'll have an amazing time in Oz, a close friend of mine emigrated to Perth 2 1/2 years ago now and they have just bought land to build a house on, they absolutely love it.

I'm really jealous now:p


Hi guys

Thanks for being so brill and yes it would have been a stressful flight if i was still smoking :D Thank goodnesss I saw the light.

Jamangie - I am really looking forward to it and I will certainly keep in touch. I've never been but my OH has and he went out on Saturday and is busy househunting (as well as working!)

Lorna - I'm hoping to find a nice pesonal trainer and physio to help me with my leg ;)

Kitkat - thanks and no way would or could I forget how supportive you have all been. Mum is great thanks for asking - 6 weeks today - upset cos I am going and trying to persuade her to visit for a month. Phone bill will be dearer :eek:

Vicstar - we will be back in Sept 2011 - couldn't emigrate cos I would miss my family too much but I am going to enjoy the experience.

It is our silver wedding at the end of June and he is flying home so we can go to Budapest on the Orient Express and then we will leave after that. That was my main reason for quitting as I couldn't smoke on the train - little did I know back then that I would not only manage it so far but make some great mates as well :D


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