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5 months and 2 weeks!!!!.....Amazed

Well I havent posted for a while not that I have turned complacent or anything. I just feel comfortable with the fact that I dont smoke anymore. I remember vividly the hell of the first few days and the help and support I recieved from this forum so coming back every now and then helps me keep things real. I will keep popping back so for everyone who is struggling YOU can do it..have faith, willpower and use every tool at your disposal it really works..

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Hi congratulations on your 5 months + quit, you are doing very well and you are right the forum is a great quit producer and its good that people feel able to come and go as little or as often as they need to make there quit Successful. Well done again and nice to see that you are staying strong xx


5 months is just great bossdean ..well done:)


Thanks you two, although I dont visit that often I feel that I should offer more support to people in the early days of there quit...its something I will think about..


messages like yours give us newbies so much hope .

I can hear through the words you write how good you feel:D:D

congratulations -will try hard to follow in your steps x


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