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day 2 and im proud

hi, i am now an day 2 of quitting smoking and i feel great. i did'nt know whether i'd get this far because of a recent relapse, but im going strong and im quite proud of myself. i was using an inhalator last time, it did'nt really work for me though. everytime i put it to my mouth, it made me think about having a cig. so i am now using patches because i find it easier. well i look forward to reading your replies, thanks.


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Hi Dan NRT is not the thing I can comment on but I have come on too wish you well and I hope that you will have a long and successful quit.

Make sure you look after number one as while you are trying to quit you also need to treat yourself nicely and have some treats.

Ice cold water sipped does help when you feel really cravey and of course sweeties but be careful I ended up addicted to choccy so have had to wean myself off of that and miss it more than the cigs.

This site is totally fantastic and I promise it will help you to stay focused and strong and will enable you to stay smoke free.


thanks for the reply jamangie it means alot, i've never been a big fan of chocolate, so i dont think that will be a problem for me. but when i quit i do drink alot of energy drinks, like red bull and lucozade which have alot of sugar in. i am not going to mad on the energy drinks this time, im gonna try having a cup of tea instead or a glass of milk. my biggest issue with quitting smoking though is will power, its something i need to work on, so if anyone as any tips to beat cravings i would be grateful if you share them with me. i will try the ice cold water thing too jamagie so thanks for that.


Hi Dan

I'm only on day 7 and am using patches and the inhalator......i use the inhalator as a back up for when the cravings kick in does seem to take the edge off when coupled with the patches.

Good luck for tomorrow :)


well done dan

firstly i would just like to say cant believe you dont like chocolate:eek: lol

Anyhows 2 days & proud you should be ...well done for getting right back to your quit..keep going .. :)


Hi Daniel

Apparently it's normal to crave something sweet as ciiggies have sugar in them :eek: Take away the fags and you want some sugar - life's a beetch :rolleyes:

The best thing I had for cravings was my tangle which I got in my quit kit but by the sound's of it they've either run out or aren't supplying them so instead I recommend anything you can fiddle with as it keeps you're hands busy.

But well done you - day 2 is great and before you know it you'll be saying hello day 20 :)

Stay strong




thanks pookie i think i will order a quit kit, i might aswell because im quitting and there free lol. thanks again for all the replys and kitkat i do like abit of chocolate i just dont like chocolate bars haha, i like choc chip cookies lol.



Hi daniel choc chip cookies isnt good enough cant be in

kitkats chocolate gang now sorry lol :D:D


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