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the missing link-support

Hello my fellow quitters:)

now on week two. not taking anything for granted - but feeling good and no bad cravings . I am using the patches and inhalator when necessary .

long, long way to go though-but somehow I feel different this quit. More aware and ready when the desire for a cig gets to me big time.

dont want to sound like a [unmentionable word!!]- but this forum has been a godsend to me . Wish the nhs would prescribe it when doling out the patches with a bored air. Though of course I am lucky having access to a computer.

but they could print out the wise words and signatures couldnt they?

I can just start to feel a new me emerging sometimes-even just after a week.

Anyone out there with a bit copd . you know -you wont believe what a week without that poison will make you feel.

I am realistic - and although sounding a bit evangelistic at mo -dont take it for granted.

just want all you good people out there -who in the midst of your own quit and problems -advise ,share stories -and give us a good kick up the jacksy sometimes

You are diamonds all and each one of you.:D:Dxx

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Hi Sky

2 weeks thats brilliant and you are wise not to take it for granted that the worst is over, not that im saying its not as I dont know do I and for some unknown reason i am rambling LOL too much sun on my head.

Cant comment on the NRT as I went CT and that was best for me but we are all different so best of luck with any way you choose thats good for you.

As you say this forum is a brilliant quit booster and will help you sustain your quit big time.

I spoke to the NHS when I first quit and a girl said if I was really struggling to have a cig untill I got to see the no smoking nurse UH what was she on, never had a cig in her life so wouldnt even think that was a stupid thing to advise.

I dont think I could have survived without my computer and this site and also all the grissly stuff I read as well.

And like you said how amazingly quickly we start to heal after we stop I was lucky that I hadnt got to the wheezy part even after 40 years but some are not so lucky but quitting can heal so much after we stop.

Its so good as well to hear praise from someone new on about the site so you keep posting and letting us know how you are getting on and come and give your support to others who are struggling, it doesnt matter how long you have been quit there will always be some one behind you x


Thank you Jamangie:)

I do appreciate what you say-always loads of sense.

I want very much when I have some experience under my belt -to support others too. Have posted already to others who are near me on this quit journey.

I love the humour and -tell it how it is feel to this forum.

And the knowledge when I am desperate someone will reply.

and it is fabulous for keeping me away from housework, exercise, and the rest of the world while I get to grips with a new smoke free person-me xx

just thought this sounds so smug . Honestly no, no . anything but.x


My my you are obviously not reading my posts but my dopple gangers who logs in and posts under my name as Im told :D you do not sound smug at all and you are ready already to come and support no matter how long the quit as if some one is seeking help they dont check to see how long you have been quit only that you care enough to make the post and give them the support they need.

I am understanding exactly were you are coming from when you say about the site being time consuming and I reckon it is now become my drug I have to make certain I do the things that I have to do before I come on LOL or wouldnt get a thing done which is naughty but sooner this than smoking, this want give us cancer, well not if we dont sit too close :)

You will make it I know so dont worry too much xx


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