No Smoking Day
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Hi to you all

Hows everyone doing well today?

Its my start of 6months :) and im very very pleased with myself so now im here to join you in this 6mts room

I will say im a lot fatter than i was 6 months ago :mad: gutted but im sure it will come of in the end.

Were is my mate Dave :confused: he should be joining me in here and lots of others to

how are you all geting on,i would love to hear how you all feel at 6 months, are you all still wanting to eat loads or is it just me in mu mind?

Im still finding it hard some days but not as bad but i must of admit i do still have my bad days.

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Hello Kay , well done on being stopped for 6 months :).

I was eating a lot more at the 6 months stage but managed to keep my weight from escalating too far by cutting out a lot of junk food and eating lots of salad , fruit and drinking lots of water .

I also run now as my lung capacity is much better .....and go to the gym 4 times a week , so if I eat more........ I HAVE to exercise more :p

Anyway at the end of the day it is more important to stay off the fags than be a bit heavier . Halfway to the penthouse for you now and I am sure you will find it gets easier around this point .

Best wishes .


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

8 months C.T


Kay :)

Firstly a huge warm congrats on your 5th full calendar month complete, that's a huge acheivement for you, and one i'm sure you are very very pleased to get to. You are now in your 6th month, and have got so much going for you.

I know this forum will now be a long stay kay, as you will be pretty much posting in here until you've been quit a full year now, but please do post whenever you wish to.. as always. shout out any achievement milestones you get to aswell as every one should be celebrated i reckon :)

I've not really snacked that much, nor have i really eaten more either and yet i've put on weight, i've gone up from a 34" waist to a 36" waist in the last 8 months somewhere along the line. I plan to lose this extra weight naturally and safely hopefully we get a mild spring/summer and i can get out n do some running (never done this in my life!!), but other than that if weather is really bad, i'll attack the wii fit :)

Dunno where dave is sadly when did you last see him post? perhaps he will post soon. You keep strong though, you're doing great!!!!!!



Hi Kay

So very pllllllllllllllllleased to see you hunny. So proud of you I know your quit has not been easy but your winning girl and you should be very very proud. Dont forget to get yourself a nice BIG treat.xxxx:D:D:D


Brilliant on 6month quit you sound so happy a great inspiration for me to follow xxx thanks for posting xx


CONGRATULATIONS 6 months is cool and to all other 6 monthers and all quitters, funny never thought I would be able to call people quitters and them not want to hit me LOL

So onwards and upwards for you xx


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