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1 Week Today - Cold Turkey !!!

Hi all

WOW in 15 minutes I have quit for 1 whole week, cant believe it :)

I thought it would be so hard quitting especially cold turkey but the only hard day I had was day 1 and 2 then it got easier and I rarely think about them now. Even if they do register in my thoughts its not 'god I want a smoke' its 'Im using laptop, Id be having a smoke now'

I find myself still winding down my car window out of habit but its not enough to make me want one.

To anyone just starting on their journey of quitting, it is totally do-able and after the first 2/3days it honestly does get much better and you dont feel like you want one, you just think about them occasionally. The easiest way to describe it is that you have 2 minds, one that sometimes says 'I want a smoke' and the other that says 'NO, Im not giving into you, you wasted my life, money and health and I am in control now!'

Posting on here and reading other peoples stories really helps and try to keep reminding yourself how much money you have saved, how many you havent smoked and the physical benefits of quitting with a quit meter.

Sarah :)

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Hi Sarah, well done, one week thats fantasic, its funny the thought of not having a cig for a week, when u r smoking is OMG i can;t do that, but it is easy, (I hope) im on day 5 today, not had a prob so far lol

Well done!! :)


Well done Sarah :)

Keep it up hun, you are doing brilliantly :)



Well done Princess,

I am glad you are finding this journey relatively painless. I am sure your bump is very greatful as well LOL.

Keep going hun, that's brilliant news.

G xx


Great job Sarah! I admire you for quitting in an easy way. ;)


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