Made Day 4!!!

Well I've made day 4 i'm so pleased with myself :D, last night was fine, loved my chocs and finished my book! But I did miss my glass of wine, but not quite ready for that one yet, get a couple of weeks under my belt first, big test will be Army and Navy on 1st May :confused:. I'm just so pleased with myself!!! Hope everyone else had a good night. Keep up the good work :)

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  • Well done!

    Day 4, so past the terrible day 3, although doesn't sound like it was too terrible for you!! I haven't risked drinking properly yet either, and I've been stopped 6 weeks. I will be such a lightweight when I do have a drink! Cheap date anyway! :D

  • Hey, you live near me!

    Hey, just noticed you live in Gravesend, me too!! :D

  • Thanks, ya for some reason it's not be to bad, not had any, what i would call cravings yet. Where about do u live in Gravesend then?

  • Northfleet

    Deneholm Road, near the painters ash estate. Whereabouts are you?

  • Hope your not so teary today.. every day of a quit is quite different, just get through the day your in.

    Hope your day 4 goes well, but please please post here as you go, it does help.


  • Ah so your near Morrisons then. I'm up on Riverview. Ya Jase, not so teary today, think I had bad day yesterday not through not smoking, think it was finishing with bf, one day at a time for both i think, so far today not feeling to bad I'm very busy at work which helps, (so that why Im on here posting lol).:D

  • Hi Jules ..

    Well done hun you are doing brilliantly :)

    Im down in Medway.. but hubby's family orginate in Gravesend... he knows it well... me i dont i dragged hom to Rainham when we met... but i do know Copperfields well lol


  • Hi, thank you, hope day 5 will go just as well? I know Medway quite well, I used to live in strood, about 10 years old, now im on Riverview Park, just down the road from the Copperfields, i haven't been there in ages. Where about r u in Medway?

  • evening,

    Im in Rainham hun..

    Hubby is actually from strood.. went to Rede school :) ( his family are from Gravesend/Northfleet)

    I havent been in Copperfeilds since before Christmas, but am due there soon me thinks lol


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