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landed into month 6!

yeah so i completed my 5th month on the 20th and its great, i dont even think about smoking much at all anymore, i mean, i wouldnt never want to tempt fate, but, i think i can say i can deffinatly never smoke again as long as i dont want to!

I probably wont be on this forum all that much anymore (even though im not exactly here every day anyway haha) as i have a prettyyy busy life and dont always remember to post lol, but i will try and come in every now and then if i remember to do so haha, anyway, i want to thank everyone who has replied to all my ramblings in the past and helped me along the way, without this forum i think i may of caved in again at the earlier, harder times of my quit, so i kind of owe as huge thanks to some of you for contributing your thoughts.

cya soon, and thank you.

CurlyBobb (i picked that name because i grow a huge afro of curly hair if i dont shave my head, just incase anyone wondered, haha)

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H :)

Good to get your occasional but worth while updates.

I have complete faith in hearing from you to (if not before) to mark your 1 year smoke free shout :cool:

Keep strong with your quit and enjoy life:)

See you again sometime here to continue with life as an ex smoker



Best of luck out there as a non-smoker :)

and congrats on getting 5 months done n outa the way.


Well done Curlybobb

it doesnt matter if you dont find time to write a lot of stuff in here .....its more important that you are not to busy to stay off the fags .

Good luck with your quit :)


Quit 28th april 09:cool:


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