day 18 and ..... munch chomp munch munch

trying munch not munch to eat munch chomp chomp munch more than munch munch i normally would. munch

BUT....... today has been the chomp chomp munch day of eating every...piggin...munch...chomp.... thing i see !!!!!:confused:

hope the wife bought some new bog rolls cos ive a feeling i gonna need em tomoro !!!! :D

still having slight battles with me sel but getting through slowely with spearmint gum apples bananas lollypops chocolate .....

2 Replies

  • LOL!!!!

    You hungry by chance ;)

    Well done on day 18 matey... you are doing great !!

    If eating is whats stopping you from smoking then eat away.... we can always lose the pounds

    ( although judging by the way you are making sure there is enough toilet roll in the house, you probably shed it all the next day anyway) :D

  • Ha ha munch chomp munch :D

    I had a big munchy phase where i just wanted food soooo badly, it passed now i'm not fussed about eating 24/7.

    Congrats on day 18.

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