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day 8

day 8 already! I am so liking not being a smoker..its tipping down with rain here, doesnt bother me cause i dont have to go out for a cigarette!

i have had no cravings today :) (so far) and am feeling really upbeat and positive .. I have to thank the champix, they have worked wonders.

i did have a bit of a dodgy saturday night but got over that :) everyday is getting easier and easier

hope everyone else is doing good! well done to us all :p

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Well done

Well done to you and it is great that you are into your second week :)

Keep posting and stay strong


Day 8 for me too.

Much the same as you, we had a dodgy Sat to my OH wanted to buy 10 but I told him that would be it we would be back to spending around £4000 a year and no summer hol next year either.

I'm feeling quite confident as well, I'm 41 and have smoked since 13.

Tried everything in the past champix worked for me until I thought I didn't need my next prescription and then fell through.

On the patches this time and I'm going to stick with the plan until the end.

Well done you.



Thats a very good way of putting it into perspective susan,y'know,its not just a case of nipping into the shop and paying £3.50 for 10 cigs is it? its back to 4 grand a year every year,i know it sounds obvious but when its put like that it makes you think, well done panda,susan,molsta and fellow day 8ers keep it going!!

last cig 15/03/10

EASYWAY,CT and this forum.


Well done Pandaspot,

So good to hear you feeling positive & strong, keep it up ;)

Gaynor x


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