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Day 4 Cold Turkey

Hi everyone, how are we all today??

So today, WOW I feel normal. I dont want a smoke, dont feel ill, I feel great.

However, my little happy bubble didnt last long.

My hubby is on day 2 of quitting cold turkey and he is very different from me (which I understand).He's feeling sorry for himself, doesnt want to talk and decided to starve himself through feeling sorry for himself.

I ended up crying because I only asked him to please make sure he sticks to the quit for us both and our unborn baby and he said I was nagging.

I feel bad because I know I probably am nagging but really dont want him to re-lapse by me not reminding him how important it is to quit. Am I treating him all wrong and should I approach his recovery different??

He plays in a brass band and tonight is a rehearsal Im scared he will buy some on the way knowing that 3 hrs later when he comes home I wont smell it? How do I approach this?


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Hi Sarah

Well done to you that you are on day 4 and you are feeling great and positive. Keep up the good work.

I think we would all agree that you have to give up for yourself and not for others. I know this sounds harsh, but for years my husband (who quit 20 years ago) and kids have nagged me to quit and despite trying on numerous occasions, I couldn’t manage it.

This time I am doing it for ME and so far so good.

I think you have a right to ask him to not smoke around you, but he has to stop because he wants to and is in the right frame of mind to do so.

Stay strong


Hi princess

i think you should focus on your quit because every quit is different and we all deal with it in are own way.. if he's not ready to quit it wont happen but you are so stay strong and stay with it..



Hi guys,

Completely understand and know what you mean about needing to quit for yourself not for others.

Its just so hard that if he re-lapses I will feel betrayed and that fags are more important to him than me and the baby.

I can say that me not smelling like an ashtray, if he does re-lapse I wont feel like kissing, cuddling and the rest because I will smell it.

The 2nd hand smoke is also just as harmful to me and the baby even if he smokes outsides he will come in with it on his fingers and clothes and it will also be like rubbing it in about what I gave up, that smell andhe will be wafting it under my nose.

Arrrgh I feel so guilty for kind of bullying him into it but its for all of us, financially and for health and I feel like Ive come so far andfeel positive for me, I just worry so much about him and if he falls back I know it will put a strain on our relationship :(



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