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8 weeks !!!!!!


Cant belive ive got this far never thought it was possible for me but hey here i am

its not been easy ive struggled but determined to do this still one day at a time.. the tears have stopped :) and i'm feeling better, finding my food a bit strange though it doesnt taste that nice maybe its my cooking i dont like.:eek:

the cough that i had for dont no how many years has gone :) not for ever having to clear my throat.. can now even smell my plug in air-freshners...

so its all going well even lost weight :D


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Great news

Well done June

Glad to hear things are getting better and better.

I hope I am as positive when i get to 8 weeks :)

Keep leading the way

A very sparkly quit you got going there now!!!

8 weeks on cold turkey, that took effort, and you must be sooooo proud!!!

Be happy with that for sure, you are taking this quit places now.

Well done!!!!!!!!!

Hi Neddy,

Huge well done on your 8 weeks.

Am so glad your chest & sense of smell have improved. Incredible what we where missing all this time hey. Hope your sense of taste sorts itself out soon, after all you can't be the only losing weight because of it. That would just NOT be fair LOL.

Gaynor x

Hi june :D

That's great 8 weeks done and dusted well done

I know it hasn't been easy but you've stuck with it

Lobe and a Hug

marg xx