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8 Months for JoanLaw I believe?

Helloooooooooooo Joanlaw??

you're hiding there somewhere...

Posted on the 25th July, 2009.

Hi,I am trying again after failing more times than I care to remember.

This time I mean to succeed.

I have not had a cig for five days now, & not feeling to bad at the moment.

I am useing patches at the moment to make it easier for the time being.

Well done everyone that have made it, I want to be one of you


I do believe its your 8 month milestone that you should be shouting about around about now hun? Looking at your first posts for this quit it was approximately July the 20th that you quit. 8 months though.. that sooooooo long down the line now.. hope you are now feeling as confident with your quit as i have been lately.

Check in darl, and I hope my congrats for you is ok ? :)

take care.


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congratulations Joan law xxxxx wot a brilliant place to be 8months xx you deserve this ..proud of you xxx:)


Congratulations and lot's of well done's to you Joanlaw on 8 months quit :)

I don't know about how you feel now your at 8 months, but I'm just over 5 and don't think (yet anyway) that I'll ever take this quitting process for granted. I still stop and grin at amazement at myself for getting this far so I have no doubt that you at 8 months, are over the moon when you stop and consider what your doing :cool:

To a continuing quit for you,

Pol x


Big Well Done Joan, onwards and upwards for you.



Well done Joan,

You sound very settled in your quit which is so good to read thankyou.

Here's to the penthouse :D

Gaynor x


nice one Joan! 8 months is brilliant :D


Hi Joan :D on 8 months smoke free


Marg xx


Congratulations Joan 2/3rds of your way to the penthouse done and dusted.

Keep going hun you are doing great :D

Trev x

20 A DAY FOR 30 YEARS :eek:

Quit 28th April 09

3 months patches

7 months & 3 weeks C.T :cool:


Hi Joan

Congratulations 8 months done ...and if i may say so ...done in a breeze ...well done again Joan :)


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