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Day 6 and drinking


found it quite easy all day until now. Had a couple of cans and the habit thing is to smoke. I am trying to be strong and not think about it, but keep thinking one drag won't hurt, it will reinforce why I quit.

I know I shouldn't and I won't. I got the support of people here.

Hope molsta, susan and the rest of the day 6 ers are doing ok

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From the threads I read, almost everyone finds it that bit harder after a drink or two. I'm about 6 or 7 weeks in and I still think "ooh, wouldn't it be nice" now and again when I'm having a glass of wine, the association is so strong. I knew I'd find it tough when drinking- but I wasn't about to sacrifice my evening wine as well as ciggies! I know for me a drag wouldn't reinforce my quit at all- it would be the start of a spiral into a fail. Just keep posting instead of smoking- I have no idea how people quit smoking before the internet!

Pols xxx


No Pols right it wouldnt and I dont think you are even considering it, so if you cannot drink without smoking then the answer is dont drink for now.

Good look in your quit and keep strong but just remember sober and smokefree is better than drinking and smoking LOL hard but brilliant xx


well done keep going and if it gets to tough with a rink stop drinking for a while


here here,if your likely to be tempted best to lay of the drink fow a while,huge well done for making it to day 7 with the rest of us panda,talking about it when the urge hits you really helps, i didnt think i'd make it this far and i've had a couple of close moments but the whole no such thing as 1 smoke thing really has clicked,it just the eating in need to get under control now! bring on week 2!:)


Stu please don't worry about the earting thing just now it will subside just get your quit really solid and worry about the eating later :D


not too worried about it just now,got back on my bike yesterday for the first time in months the extra oxygen came in handy for the hills! havent felt this good for ages.The plan is for the cycling to cancel the chocolate out!


Hi All

Yesterday we went out for a drink and my hubby wanted to buy a 10 pack on the way home, I said no, a 10 pack would result in being back to £4000 a year.

So here I am day seven and so pleased we resisted.

Keep going Stu, I've just had a beer whilst watching the footie and feeling ok today.



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