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Another newbie on Day 10!

Hi All

I'm so glad i found this forum, as the above says im on Day 10 today and finding it harder with each day that passes, arghhhhh!!!

I WAS (!) a 20 a day smoker and have smoked almost constantly for the last 24 years, apart from 8 years ago when i quit smoking for 3 years (when i had my son) and then started again, what an idiot!

I look forward to getting to know you all and hopefully we can all support each other as we move forward in our battle against the dreaded weed, we WILL win!!! ;)


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Hi and welcome to the forum. I agree with you, the support is amazing on here. My ct was awful but my coming on here to vent has certaily helped me.

Congrats on day 10. You might want to join the 'march to freedom' group that we have on here.


Keep on going it does get easier

Welcome to the forum, ten days free is ace, just keep holding on to the fact that it does get easier the further you go.

Hopefully you will find like most of us here that the support of this forum really helps on those bad days.


Well done 10 days is great but sorry you're finding it hard just hang on it does get better OK


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