No Smoking Day
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my reasons

When I asked my eldest son what he wanted for xmas he said ' I want you to stop smoking'. At the time I thought why cant he want an xbox like any normal 10 year old.

However that still wasnt enough for me to give up...dreadful mother.

Since then my dental hygenist has told me that my teeth will fall out if I dont quit and that has spurred me on.

My son is so chuffed that I have quit and that has spurred me on even more.

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Good for you,

Listen to your will happen.

Don't wait like me till your children are in their 20's to do it. Make them proud now :D

You can & will do it ;)

Gaynor xx


Very good Sun. See How He cares you.and he had not asked for the christmas gift, he ask a gift more than xbox so quit smoking soon. I think still you have left smoking. smoking is not good for your health and your family so just give a wonderful gift to your son if you have not given.


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