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Why i want to quit smoking for good

I started smoking when i was 15. Been smoking for the past 15 years around a pack a day. I've tried several times before to quit smoking but always went back to it thinking i could have a few cigs here and there, but it dosn't work like that and before you know it your back to square one.

This time i am determined to crack this nicotine addiction tho. I'm using champix which i started today so my quit date is next Thursday.

The main reasons i'm quitting are i've had enough of smoking and the way it takes over your life. Always looking for your next fix, the panic when you realise you've ran out of cigs and the shops shut or when you can't find a lighter it's pathetic. I have two daughters age 8 and 5 and they hate me smoking (athough i don't smoke in the house) they can still smell it off me and lets be honest stale smoke is not the nicest of smells. I don't want my children to grow up and be smokers because they think its ok to smoke. I don't want my children to have to look after me when i end up with some disease through smoking. I want to get fit and healthy and have more energy. I work in morrisons in the tobbaco kiosk and it really scares me when i see some of the people who come in for cigs, wheezing and coughing their lungs up and there still paying £12 for 40 cigs its maddness!

shirley x

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Hey Shirley

Those are great reasons, and you sound really focussed. I'm in my 3rd week now and can honestly say, posting and reading on this forum is a massive factor in having got this far, it's been so helpful so come and post often! I'm not using champix but there are lots of people here who are, so you'll get some good advice from people who know about quitting with champix. This far in (day 18 today!) it is soooo much easier to not smoke, so hang in there, you can do it!

Good luck



Shirley, you've got some great reasons for not smoking. Like you, how could I preach to my children about not smoking, when I was doing it. Your children will of course be thrilled when you stop.

In the next week read up on lots of stuff to reinforce yourself mentally and to prepare yourself, get yourself in a really positive place, plan things to treat yourself and think of things you like to do which you can turn to if you are feeling low, ie. music, books, chocolate, films, anything you enjoy. I love curling up with the children now and watching TV or a film without having to dash out during adverts for a fix, it is so much more relaxing not smoking, than it ever was smoking!

I wish you every success for next Thursday. Keep us posted.

Lorraine :)


Great reasons

Hi Shirley,

It's great to hear the positive sides of giving up.

Must be hard working in the baccy kiosk, still I'm sure you can smell all the stale smoke on them and now can see what your children are saying.

Now you can spend more quality time with your children. I used to dread doing stuff with my daughter that took over an hour just 'cause I wanted a ciggy - How bad was I :(

Keep strong and focussed.


Thanks. I'll post later and let to let you no how i'm getting on. xxx


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