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day 41 CT

I'm happy-ish ;)

I started exercising a couple of weeks ago as i wanted the good feeling of my health improving to continue. Its great, soon i will actually be fit enough to go for a run, i can hardly believe i am typing that!

The main problem i have right now is smoking dreams. I dream i've smoked one or two before i remember i'm supposed to be quit and i feel awful that i've failed, all that trying for nothing. When i wake up i am, of course, relieved it was just a dream, but that feeling of relief isnt quite enough to eclipse the feeling of loss i also wake up with. I can handle the dreams fairly easily though, i find them curious more than anything else :)

So im fitter, faster, stronger than i was before :p my sense of smell and taste is back (its like gaining a super power i swear), skin tone has improved, i dont stink, i sleep better and iam also convinced my eye/hand coordination has improved.

I should've quit years ago :rolleyes:

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Day 41- I'm around that point somewhere too and I'm building up to running as well, a good, decent outdoors, cross country run- I used to run, and was good at it, and I think i'd like that back. It does feel good doesn't it, to have a decent level of fitness back- I've got back into swimming, and there's such a difference from last time I did a lot of swimming whilst I was still smoking. For years if I've got out of breath exercising I've said to myself "I'm unfit, I must do more exercise" it was so obviously the fags, but I just wouldn't see it. I have those dreams too, in them I forget I've quit and smoke, remember, feel awful, wake up, relief. You're right, they're more interesting than distressing

Not sure about my hand/eye co- ord, but my concentration is up I'm sure

Pols xxx


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