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12 Weeks 3 months ? or not yet

Hi All

I am on 12 weeks to day (not quite three months I know) so had to post seems such a mile stone and for me not to post would seem like an anticlimax, I wouldn’t say I am feeling really good considering, cause I actually feel like I did after 3 weeks so hope it’s the terrible threes and that it will clear cause I feel extremely edgy and have done for about a week, god tell me this is normal and will go away cause if it doesn’t then I’m definitely back to cigs LOL or even worse might have to take up exercise (catch my thread Exercise to realise this is possibly not going to happen LOL ) so for all those coming from behind good luck and for all those in front keep the seats warm and the wine chilled.

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congratulations in your 3 months my ikkle mate xxx ure doing good...& you dont want to smoke not really its just a thought xx wen u go on your jog tonite :eek:you will forget you ever thought about it xxx

awh joking aside..your doing so well.. xxxxxxxxxxx


Ahhh you so sweet we will have to stop meeting like this people will talk, or should I say text.

Thank you but I must admit this last week has been crap and I actually dont crave a cig or want one just dont like feeling keyed up all the time and feel about as much like a jog as I feel for a cig LOL no one else seems to have any probs at this stage so not sure if it is the quit or me???? hee hee

Boo Hoo this is not like me is it.


Is there room for a little one in your celebrations? CONGRATULATIONS! fantastic acheivement :D

I'm right behind you so make sure that seat is toasty and there's a nice glass of bubbly waiting! CHEERS! ;)

I've been a bit narky this week too - maybe it's the weather rather than the cigs!?! I'll keep telling myself that anyway. I have to admit exercise helps though ................

Jen x


Thank you Jen maybe the weather not sure but hope it is and it is wierd cause Im not in the least craving a cig, and I will keep the seat warm and the champers chilled , and thanks again xx


Apologies for not seeing your 3 month post, I was too busy laughing at your exercise post!!

Congratulations and a HUGE well done.

Lorraine :)


Thanks Lor and not a prob, must adit even I am enjoying the exercise post LOL thanks again


Still a Struggle

Tomorrow I will be on my last week of patches, in a week I will be patch free!

I am hoping that life after patches will improve. It certainly is not easier now than it was a few weeks ago. I found it a bit of a shock when I opened the packet for the 7mg patch, it was a lot smaller than I imagined and I had doubts that such a small thing would be any good to me, it brought a tear to my eyes just to look at it. I think it would have been less of a shock if the packet had been smaller, sadly it was the same size as the 21mg patch. Everyone keeps saying how much better and healthier we nonsmokers (ex smokers) will be when we stop, I am assuming that after the patches things will pick up and we will all feel healthier and fitter! At the moment I can not honestly say that overall I feel fitter, better, healthier since not smoking. Some things are better and some things are worse. If I had to give marks for various things I am sure that the total would be just the same as when I smoked. However we all must carry on and strive to stay smoke free. I have had my rant and now I am off to the Pub for a couple of pints, when I first stopped smoking I was quite harsh on the smokers outside of the Pub and did suggest that they all had no will power and that they all stunk of smoke! I do not have that attitude now, and certainly do not think that the smokers are any different to all of us. Every one who talks about smoking and no smoking seem to forget or ignore the fact that some ciggys are very enjoyable and some are not! I think that most smokers or ex smokers would love to cut down on smoking and just have the one or two enjoyable ones per day. Unfortunately we ex smokers and smokers are like alcoholics and can not just do this and have to quit fully.


I will post again a couple of days after going patch free and let you all know my nicotine free experiences.


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