No Smoking Day
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made it!!!

Ok So day 8 for me..

Oh that feels blooming great to be in week two!!!


Craving seems to have disappeared although have mood swings.. but i do believe thats not to do with craving.. i feel like thats more the grief for my brother.

Have got a shocking cold and cough though and my voice has gone... have never lost my voice before so both hubby and the kids are loving the fact i cant shout.

I know its prolly my lungs clearing out all that gunk which has built up over the years... does anyone know how long this will last??

Hope everyone is staying strong??


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Hey snow, congrats on getting to day 8!! I'm on day 9 and can hardly believe it either :)

Think the fact that you are doing this while grieving for your brother makes you a very strong person - you are bound to be up and down and the fact that you have that extra stress to deal with shows how much you want to quit. Many of us make excuses as to why we carry on smoking, but if you can do it now in the middle of so much sadness then I'm sure you will succeed :)

Take plenty of honey and lemon in hot water for your throat, and hopefully you'll feel better in a day or two.....xx


Hey Snow,

You have done soo well for getting this far with the stressful situation, you really should be proud- I'm proud of you!

As for the cough and throat have you heard of propolis? It is fantasic, it's made from bees they use it to protect the hive from bacteria, it works magic on the throat. You can get losengers and liquid, I mix a few drops of the liquid in hot water with honey and lemon (sometimes scotch:)) it makes a lot more palitable.

Good luck with it you are doing well


well done you! If you can weather this storm then you will be laughing. Keep up the good work. It gets better and better honest!

Jen x


Really pleased for you :) I think the tar probably takes a while to shift so it's understandable that we are coughing. Makes you wish you never smoked buy hey ho at least we have stopped.

Have a great day.


Hi snow,

Welcome to day 8. Way to go girl.

Sorry to hear about your brother hun. Sending you hugs to help carry you through.

Hope your cold etc gets better soon. Even though my chest was bad & my cough it always just disappears when I stop. Non of that coughing to clear it all out for me. Guess that just makes me strange :eek: or lucky, one or the other :D

Gaynor x


thanks everyone :)

Molsta.. i havent heard of it, wish i had read this before i went up the shops now lol am just drinking plenty of iced water which is helping.

Hubby has some scotch here so just might have a swig of that later :eek:

you guys are just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *muah*



Day nine

so day 9 and weekend nearly here.....

Am feeling positive, already feel like i have beaten the demon, but not taking no chances and keeping my guard up.

Debating to go for some retail therapy in an hour or should i stay in and do housework...

UMMMM retail therapy me thinks :D


Same here! :D Retail therapy, my god we have earned it. I'm about to get some smart clothes on rather than the horse dung stained ones and go off shopping.

Have a lovely day 9. x


Cheers chick :)

You have a great day too xxx


Ok So day 8 for me..

I know its prolly my lungs clearing out all that gunk which has built up over the years... does anyone know how long this will last??


Hi Snow,

Took ages for me, so much so I posted the same question. The helpful and knowledgeable gang here informed me that it was the hairs that were moving again as they were paralysed from the chemicals.

But I promise you it does go - honest gov would I lie to you.

Welldone 8 days is amazing.

Keep with it



Thanks Sarah for the info :) psssst its 9 days now lol :p

well so much for shopping... posted about my day on another thread but might as well post here too, coz then i can look back at a later date and remember lol

Tiredness is hitting me a lot at the moment, i do sleep well of a night still but just have no motivation in the day and just want to lay down all the time grrrrrrrrrr

Had all intentions of going shopping but just couldnt be bothered and there is not many of us ladies that dont like a bit of retail therapy is there lol

I know it will pass... so hurry up... i havent got the time to sit around doing nothing lol

Hope everyones day has been good



well half an hour until day 10 approaches *jumps for joy*

hope that i have some motivation back tomorrow or better still maybe an appetite!!

nite nite all... need my beauty sleep... ( no puns on that Jamangie lol )



hi snow day 10 is it nearly xxx WOO HOO xx jumps for joy with you :Dxx well done xx proud of you xxx


Thanx Kitkat :D

So day 10 here.... woke up coughing so much i thought i was going to explode, didnt help i had a sore throat from hell... sore throat does go after about 20 mins of waking, just wish this blooming cough would :mad:

Oh and hubby has left the ash tray on the kitchen sill... with buts in... long enough for me to relight!!! i am soooooooo tempted.. really tempted that my mouth is watering at the thought of it *sigh*

I know if i have a fag my cough will stop but i know if i have a fag i have failed!!!

think id best go and empty the ashtray now!!!

Hope you are all having a nice start to your weekends?



oh no.., i hope you have emptied the ash tray. Must be hard having your oh around you and smoking.


Hang in there Snow!

I think your doing absolutely ace to be quiting with your OH still smoking! Your obviously a very strong person, I'm sure you can do it long term.


Hubby is actually very good, he doesnt roll up or smoke near me and normally clears away ashtrays.... silly bugger didnt today ( or yesterday) so that i think has triggered something off in my head :eek:

Had a tantrum just now and literally launched the ashtray out the back door and is now smashed on the path *ooops* but damn did it make me feel a tad better!!

So now there is nothing in the house to tempt me.. hubby not home till after 7pm, got no cash in my purse to walk up the shop.. so now just need to control the mind games.. ( i hate them )

i still cant believe i nearly gave in.. so stupid of me!!!!!! But least i didnt thats the main thing.

thanks for your support xx


Hey Snow

You didn't give in - that's not the main thing, it's the ONLY thing! I think you're amazing frankly, I'm sure that I wouldn't be able to be at home with fags right there. ... nothing but respect for you here!



HI Snow, my son left an ashtray araound last week and I took a huge sniff at it. Nearly threw up, it was gross and reminded me why I'd stopped!

Well done not giving in, you're a tough cookie :cool:

Catherine xx


Well done for not doing what you thought you wouldnt be able not too do??

And after you have read that three or four times you will be over the crave!!

Or not as the case may be but either way you know now you will neverb smoke again WILL YOU XX


the TANTRUM has passed now :D

Feeling better cheers everyone xxx

Funny how your moods change so blooming quickly isnt it xx


Afternoon.. :)

Am feeling great today... my appetite came back with a vengence last night and i ended up eating a huge chinese take away.. followed by a huge pack of peanut m & m's followed by a tub of Ben & Jerrys ice cream... yum yum .. although i had a belly ache it was sooooooo worth it lol

So day 11 for me... got up early and have been to 9 yr olds footie match, which they won both games are top of the league by about 20 points now :D

got to go food shopping in a bit, then back to do dinner, iron clothes for school, bath the kids then go off on my night shift, so busy busy busy for me today!!

hope everyone is feeling good and staying strong



Well day 12 nearly day 13 in a few hours :)

Got a few side effects today, which are killing me but other than that im doing ok...

Tired after my night shift last night, so cant wait for an early night which wont happen because flash forward starts up again tonight lol

Feel so proud i have made it this far.



Whoohoo!!! good for you!!!

Well done to ya!

oooh flash forwards back on? cool!! will set my sky+ on series link when i get in then. ta for that.


Well done Snow

What a star

Stay strong


Just pooping on to say goodbye ...............................






ooops caps lock lol

Yeppers day 14!!!! my oh my phew!!!!



yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! week 3 :D:D:D:D see you in there. xx


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