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When will it get eaiser

Hi there everyone ive just joined for some moral support,im on day 5 of quiting but today i have been more temped to light up then i was on day 1???

i have peolpe around me who are being great with me but dont really understand how hard this really is:( i know take each day as it comes but if anyone has got any tips to help me over that (then eating all the time lol) that would be great.

Thank you

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Hi, this is the place to be, loads of fantastic people on here full lof positivity and genuin help so stay...! lol.

You'll be fine.


I joined this forum on day 5 because I was feeling bad and was craving for a ciggie and was worse than day 1. I am on day 8 today and what a difference a couple of days make. keep going and keep reading this forum cause it really has helped me:)


hi justsmile

day 5 brillant babe

keep reading information about quitting reminds you of how well ure doing xx it does get better each day get used to it. Just the same as you got used to smoking in the first place. xx

just keep doing stuff..crosswords. games on the internet..old hobbies maybe that you want to take up again?!! everytime a crave comes & you want a fag just think nothing bad is going to happen..its just a crave & its over ..its just a either laugh at it ..or just completely distract yourself xx post on here all the time xx anything ..but never go back xx :)

into day 6 xx


Hi Just smile my advice exercise and loads of it, if you start running first thing in the morning and run approximately eight hours a day I guarantee you will not even think about smoking, in fact you want be able to think about anything you will be toooooo knackered LOL sorry in a silly mood and the best way to get over a crave is to laugh so I was trying to make you laugh and as I alway say if I can make 1 in 10 laugh then the other 9 are miserable bas****s LOL good luck and keep reading, The Beano, The Dandy and Womens own if you get realy desperate LOL


Day 5 is so so good, I remember it- every hour felt like an entire day, or maybe two- or even three. This quitting thing is choc full of clichés “take each day as it comes” “distract yourself” “ride out the crave” etc etc, and whilst you’re in the midst of it all they feel like lines being thrown at you, yet they’re worth taking note of as they serve a good purpose. It really does get easier; before you know it you’ll get to the end of a day and think to yourself it hasn’t been so hellish after all. Dig in your heels and bear it out, honestly, if I could do it anyone can Pols xxx


Thank you everyone for your tips,yesterday was hard, today i feel complety different (feel like i can beat this) and i even went out then treated myself with the money i saved already:D and i have tryed to not eat as much today and got some fruit in n sunflower seeds lol so again thank you again xxxxx


The weeks nearly done and i'm so glad you feel better and more positive. I can sympathise with the eating, but things will settle down and getting the healthy bits to nibble on like you have will help.

Glad your already seeing the benefits of a bit extra cash by treating yourself, it's a great feeling isn't it. Well done you.



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