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No Smoking Day
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day 3 already

i am on day 3 on stopping and day 13 of champix

i have to admit i feel pretty good, i only really get cravings in the evening

but read somewhere yesterday to try eating smaller meals and you wont get the trigger to want to smoke straight after it. I will give that a try this evening

Tomorrow is my first day back in the office, work at home the rest of the week :) so it might be a different story tomorrow, as i do find it quite stressful in the office.

hope everyone else is doing okay on day 3 :)

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I'm on day three too.

I'm using the patches, tried champix before and they worked well until I didn't get my new prescription and thought I could go it alone, but was wrong.

Keep with the course and see it through to the end, I'm chewing gum like mad.

Going to do it this time.

Hang in there, let me know how you get on tomorrow.


i just picked up my new prescription today.

i have tried champix before and like you didnt finish the course and started smoking again, but this time i am doing really well :)

hope everything stays this good and you also stay strong


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