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5 weeks :D

And 2 days :D

Im getting sick and tired of having something wrong with me tho!!

I had a chest infection a couple of weeks ago.

and NOW ive got something wrong with my ears :mad: Woke up in so much pain, felt like i had a tooth ache, ear ache and my tonsils swollen in my throat, woke up feeling ok, but a "deaf" feeling in my left ear and pain...and ti keeps popping.

Im having a moan, sorry. But im in a right old grump!!

Ive done 45 mintues of spin cycling today and 15 minutes of abs work out, i am so unfit...and right now im feeling like jelly :o

Hows everyone??

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Poor you

Nothing worse than toothache or earache. I'd say get it looked at.

I have also had a few ailments, mainly sinus pains that spread to my head and ears.

If you can manage 45 minutes of Spinning, then you're fitter than you think - i went once and had to stop after 15 minutes!!

I have just attempted my first jog in about 8 months. One word - dreadful. My lungs did feel a bit better, which is the reason i went, but my calves feel like they will explode soon. And I ended up walking more than running! :(

So I must be on 5 weeks and 3 days. I've lost count. Back to nurse tonight, reckon she'll tell me off as i haven't been taking the champix every day, but never mind!!

Hope you feel better soon



well done 5 weeks + is great

Sorry you feel poorly though ifthe ear is really sore go see a doc could just be bunged up or even an infection


Hi Elli,

Well done on your 5 weeks & 2 days.

Sorry you are feeling poorly at the mo. Am not surprised you feel like Jelly after the exercise & on top of being under the weather as well. (says me with bum on safa :rolleyes:) Maybe you have a throat infection? I agree with Marg, would get it checked just in case.

Just remember you probably would have been poorly even if you where smoking but LESS able to fight it off ;)

Keep it up - yo're doing great.

Hope you feel better soon :D

Gaynor x


Thankyou everyone :)

I went to the drop in centre to have my ears looked at and they say its "swimmers ear".

Got some drops for it, but meh!

My butt is killing me from the spinning!! Lol!!

And climbing the stairs, omg, my legs!!


wow look at you, weeks ahead and getting fit, thats brilliant, all these little problems we have are normal and will go away. Focus on the positive i.e... your now a smoke free healthy fitness lover who is gettin g on with life. Don't focus on the downs.

I have downs BIG downs but i chose to be happy in life. It's surprising how a posotive mind an turn your health around.

Louise Hay can tell you all about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yep, i love fitness, but i wish fitness would love me and not cause me so much pain! Lmao!!!


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