No Smoking Day
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Wow, I'm moving up the ladder. Starting to play with the big boys now.:D

29 days today, not even had a single puff.:D

I'm not going to pretend its all plain sailing. There are days when I still really crave a cig but I am now getting days when I find I don't think of them too much at all.

I'm getting a little nervous about dropping down a patch size in a couple of weeks.:o

Even with the cost of the patches I reckon I have saved £100, that is a lot of money.:eek:

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Well done Wendy that's great keep going


I had to read the first sentence twice LOL ;)

Well done Wendyann - a brilliant 29 days under your belt. Don't worry about stepping down a patch, you'll be fine & have another 14 days or so added to your quit :D

Gaynor x


Excellent work Wendyann, you must be chuffed to bits!

As Gaynor says, don't worry too much about the patches, take your time and do what feels right for you.

It's great when you realise you haven't thought about smoking for ages, isn't it? :)

Lottie x


Thanks for the replies.:)

I have just realized I should be posting in month 2.:confused:

Shall be playing with the really big boys then.:D


We're at the same stage

Hi Wendyann

Well done! Well done! Well done! I'm just a few hours ahead of you so we are at the same point. Thinking much less about smoking too, though it does hit me out of the blue and knock me back a bit... but haven't succumbed yet.

Congrats. We can start thinking in weeks rather than days i think... it's very exciting!


Keep up the good work.

Well done you:D


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