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124 Days woohoo!!

Hey guys,

Firstly I want to apologise that its been such a long time since I have been on here, but I thought I would give you a heads up and say that I am a non smoker now and its been 124 days. There absolutely no way I will ever have another cigarette :)

Champix for me was a miracle drug and even though I was only on the pills for about 6 weeks, that was enough for me to become a non smoker.

I have just spent a weekend with my father and brother who both smoke at every opportunity and I didn't even bat an eyelid :)

Thanks to all the wonderful people here that helped me especially in the early days. A Special thanks to Margarethe, Christine42 and Blondie :)

Hopefully I will be back on here more often now :)

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Well done Michelle, brilliant quit :D

Gaynor x


Thank you so much..I am chuffed to pieces ::p


Excellent news Michelle and you sound so comfortable with your quit now and your status of non/ex smoker. It's a great place to be :)

Keep it going :cool:


Thank you Pol :) IS Christine 42 still around?


Yes she is :).......... also due to weight gain she would also probably point out that she's very round indeed ;) as are a lot of October quitters :o


Hi michelle

Well done you 124 days is great


Wayhey Michelle!!!

Thats fabulous!

Huge well done on your quit so far, you sound stronger, happier and more fabulous than ever!!!

You go girl! :D:D



Its funny as I got quite round as well :rolleyes: I put on a stone in the first 4 weeks, and now I am battling to get rid of that extra weight, but its really hard to shift it :( However I won't give up haha


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