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Day 62 Getting better all the time!

I am now on day 62 and actually forget about cigs for quite long periods of the day. I do however dream of smoking and feal awfull that I have failed my quit. But when I wake up I feel great that its only a dream.

I don't post very often but I do read quite a lot of the posts and the forum has and is a great help to me.:cool:;)

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Well done Brian :D

I don't get the smoking dreams very often thank goodness but hate that moment on waking when you think oh no I've blown it. Can feel guilty for the rest of the day even though I know I haven't smoked :eek:

It's great when smoking stops being the centre of your universe & a long & distant memory I should think ;)

Gaynor xx


Well done on 62 days Brian that's great


I absolutely get the smoking dreams and feel terribly guilty in my sleep and then for first hour or so after waking up. Then when I realise it's a dream I am so happy. I think it is probably quite useful ammo for those times when I am tempted... next time you are vulnerable to having a smoke, think about the dreams.

I always smoked roll-ups and the other night (in my dream) I was trying to make a rollie but couldn't remember how to do it. I spent ages doing strange things like balancing the tobacco on my forehead whilst trying to find which way the papers would stick... very odd!


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