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Drum Roll........Day 22


Morning all,

I am pleased to announce I have been quit for 3 weeks & now entering my 4th :D

After many, many false starts after last year I know this is my last & final quit. I feel so much better in myself it's untrue. I do get moments when I think I would like a ciggie but it can in no way be described as a craving. It's just like fancying a cream cake or something, not a need just a want so that's easy to get through! A cream cake would be just as dangerous for me at the moment anyway LOL.

Keep going everyone, the rewards are enormous :D

Take care.

Gaynor x

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Way to go girl make this the one hun. Dont keep putting yourself though week one your worth more than that.xxxxx

G girl, a huge well done day 22, fantastic, this is soooo the one.

Brilliant Gaynor, really pleased for you.

Jackie x


Hey Gaynor 22 days >>> well done babe..u sound soooo positive & im so happy for you xxx i can fully relate to that with craves are just like wanting a cream cake or somet..nothing too heavy.........xxxxxxxx

Ure doing it...This is the quit for keeps..this is definetely our turn xx

xxxxxxxxx love it xxxx:D

Well done Gaynor - keep going girl :D

Btw - a huge thanks for the support you offered me - today is day 20!

Well done Gaynor - keep going girl :D

Btw - a huge thanks for the support you offered me - today is day 20!

Wow Steph. Go girl, go! 20 days is fantastic. The days soon start to snowball & you wonder where the time has gone in an oh so positive way :D

Many thanks to KitKat, Jackie, Chrissie, Bev & Linda. The support as always is phenominal & means so much. :D:D

Gaynor xx

Really pleased for you too Gaynor:)

It's such a relief to get just 'wants' as opposed to 'needs' and recognise them and brush away. Knowing the signs and dealing with them is a great milestone in itself.

All the best for it continuing for you in such a positive happy way.

It's your quit and you control it :cool:

Hi Gaynor

Here you go as requested a i71.photobucket.com/albums/...

Well done indeed 22 days is great



Lol, thank you Marg. Have terrible earache in one ear so deaf as a post. Just as well with all that drumming :D

Thank you Pol. Your right, I do control my quit & not the other way round so take that Mr Nicodemon :eek:

Gaynor xx

Yay, good for you! It's great passing these milestones? Just into week 3 myself!

Keep going!

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