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I was so close to my 1 month point today, but I split with my girlfriend on saturday and went straight to a smoke. It felt so good but I also knew that I had just un done all the hard work that I had put into my no smoking. Even thou I fell I have let myself down, I woke up this morning and picked myself back up. The last smoke was at 0730 and as soon as it was out I put back on my patch, and I am ready to start again.

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  • Hi Don,

    Sorry about your split with your girlfriend.

    Well done for getting straight back on your quit again. In some ways you have learnt that having a ciggie didn't change the situation so next time life throws you a curve ball you won't do it again. At least thats the theory :p

    Keep strong, onwards & upwards so they say :D

    Gaynor x

  • Its true. Smoking wont make things any better, but i've done that one too in the past, after a 3 year quit and it took me years to quit again. I truly regret it, the only person it affected was me. Well done for getting back on with the quit and sorry re girlfriend split.

  • Sorry about the split. :( but hey goodnews your back on the wagon. :)

  • Stick with it...

    Well done for gettin straight back on the quit at such a difficult time buddy. You're definitely doing the right thing and I'm sure many of us wish we'd given up so young.

    Stick with it....

  • Well done you after that split for staryting again so quickly

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