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Going patch free today

Well, after switching to a different brand of patches, I'm still itching like mad. I must just be allergic to all the patches and I really can't put uip with this so I'm stopping the 21mg patches today.

I was also using about 5-6 minitabs a day aswell, so I'm going to use them if the cravings get bad. Had hoped to tolerate the patches long enough to reduce the dose slowly and stop, but hey!

I feel a bit tetchy this morning but not sure if that's my imagination! I guess you start to rely on them sub conciously. My understanding of patches is that they deliver a fraction of the nicotine we'd get from smoking?

So today I'm going to reinforce my reasons for quitting and stay alert for the nicodemon.

I've come this far and if people can do CT then I can manage this! Anyone else stopped the high dose patches suddenly?

Catherine :)

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Good for you :):)


Hi Catherine, can't help you with the patches thing, but if you feel it is the right thing for you then go with it.

If you can, spend some time reading the links it will help you stay strong and focused.

Good luck, you can do this. Sending you some PMA to help you through the day.


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