No Smoking Day
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A major positive

I had a day off today. I got so much done. I have been for a run, decluttered and cleared out our office space. I overworked our shredder. Tonight I did some yoga relaxation then some ironing. I realised today how much time was taken up by my habit. It is such a great thing to have shrugged of the lethargy. I feel 10 years younger, although, sadly I don't look ten years younger. I actually get up in the morning before my alarm which a few weeks ago was unheard of!

My husbad is 9 days into his quit and seems much happier, so it's all good.

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Glad to hear that everything is positive!! My mornings are a little fdifferent from yours alas!! For over forty years (all my smoking life) I have been an early riser due to wanting a smoke the moment my eyes opened!! Now I am enjoying just laying there and not having to jump out of bed for my fix!


Hi Ellie :D

Sounds like a really busy day for you hun

Also well done hubby on 9 days


Marg xx


congrats too both of you! i am lucky i guess, my other half doesnt smoke but i do know what its like :) the previous gf smoked and i wanted to quit and it made it so hard!


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