No Smoking Day
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I did it!!!!!

Ok, so I went to bingo last night fearing I might give in to a cig but I didnt, and to my surprise I actually enjoyed not enjoying myself.. Does that make sense?

I ate like a pig, didnt win any money, my hair stunk, my clothes stunk, my head was pounding and my eyes felt like they were on fire :eek: So I had a good time getting out,not the the best but was so happy that I felt nauseated and grossed out by all the smokers. It was HORRIBLY GREAT.....:D

Next time the hubby and I decided we will sit in the non smoking room....:)

Day 28 and going strong..

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A Huge Well Done to you.

I know you were really worried about the second hand smoke thing, but you got through it and it has reinforced your quit by realising how smelly and awful smoking is. :D

I would go with the no smoking room too.

Very nearly a month, fantastic.



I would agree, definitely go with the non smoking room option, rather than sitting in that stink!!

Well done on your four weeks too!!!



Wow I never would have imagined I could go 4 weeks without a cig. Thank you guys so much for all your support. Im not sure I could do this without all you guys and gals. Thanks. ((BIG Hugs))


so sweet

Oh and this morning, my 8 year old turned and looked at me on his way to school and said "mommy I am so proud you, I havent seen you smoke and Im glad your gonna live a longer life". OMG. I cried and hugged him....It was the sweetest thing ever, it meant the world to me. This battle is so worth fighting.


Woo hoo ZaNaDoO!!!!!!!!

MARIA - YOU DID IT - yipee, yipee, yipee

I am sooooooo proud of you ... been waiting for you to wake up and put a post on hee hee!!! I had a feeling you would do it Hun ... really pleased that Hubby didn't succumb to the evil fags either!!

Just think how shabby you would have felt if you had smoked and you would never have had that WONDERFUL praise from your little one!!

;) - Little Miss Pleased with herself in the :)

:D / :D Jodi and Gaynor ... still cold but bloody happy and proud of you I am sure!!

Jodi xxx


Thank you

I was looking for both of you this morning. It was quiet in here when I got on. And here you are.

LOL. I forget about this time thing. I am eating lunch now (Whataburger) not the healthiest but yummy.

Anyways, we had a good time getting out without the little ones but it was horrible in that place. My husband and I both just looked at eachother and laughed, we were amazed that we couldnt handle all the smoke. We were like, WOW :eek:. Did we really used to sit her and smoke 20 cigs in 2 1/2 hours? Yup we did dint we. eeewww.

During the intermission we counted the seconds in between people coughing, we cam up with about every 10 seconds someone was coughing up a lung or clearing there throat/chest. I was so greatful not to be one of them.

And my oldest son, when he looked me in my eyes and told me how proud he was. The feeling was just undescribable....


Hi ZanadoO :D

28 days well done that's great and pleased you got through the bingo trip




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