No Smoking Day
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Day 4 again... should be used to it by now but I'm sooooo not lol

Afternoon all!

Hope everyone is doing good today?

I'm so bloody tired today (again), work can't go quick enough!

I forgot to put my patch on this morning but found half of one at work so thats on and just about doing the job.

I'm having dinner at a friends house tonight, both him and his other half smoke so that should be interesting... I will resist though as I cant stand normal ciggies (roll ups were my thing).

Sure I will be fine once I have got home and had a shower, I will take my inhalator this evening for extra boost if required!

Hows everyone elses day going?

Mixxy xxx

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Hi Mixxy

Hope today goes really well for you!

Friday afternoon at work is a drag for sure, mind you I don't feel like I did much work this past week, more posting on here :D

Kind regards



Hey Mixxy hun hang in there, it gets better, you know it does. xxx Take care and enjoy your evening out with your friends. xxx love and hugs xxxx:)


Hi mixxy Im also going out for drink and indian with friends , really dont want to go . Im on day 5 today and 48 hrs without my patch :o I feel so tired and grumpy all i want to do is sleep .But on the other side of the coin im real proud ,even though i dont feel right in the head :p

Enjoy your evening out .Hope others are ok .

jan x


Hey Mixxy - HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

I too am out with friends tonight for a meal. Here comes my first test! *nervous smile*

Mmmm Indian, Jans, you lucky thing. Wish I was going out for Indian :D


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