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* indicates still on quit


Alx13 08.11.09

Andymit 11.11.09

Arthur82 19.11.09

Bambi25 03.11.09

*Becks 04.03.08

*Blondie 12.11.09

Boober 12.11.09

Deedeebel 25.11.08

Delboy_t 05.11.09

Doglover 21.10.09 1

*Fullofflu 12.11.09

Gambit123 08.11.09

Gemsie85 15.02.10

Glenny 08.03.10

Imtryingtoo 01.11.09

*jonesy_ni 17.08.07

Julie E 30.11.09

Karas 15.11.09

*Lilylongshanks 04.11.09

Lisa42 14.11.09

Lousca 26.11.09

Lyn_Ian 20.11.09

*Maidenfan 28.11.09

mariabooboo 24.11.09

marjrie 20.08.09

michellebise67 30.06.09

Mixxy 12.11.09

Neka 20.11.09

penguinpower 04.09.09

pricie 25.11.09

PurpleBix 04.11.09

sharkey 19.11.09

Shez 19.11.09

*Smoky Bear 18.11.09

*tiggerpaws 21.11.09

ununpentium 02.11.09

*VivienneC 10.11.09

wildcats 04.11.09

wsmith 06.10.09

Wystler 04.11.09

*yomik 13.11.09

zakattack73 10.11.09

*Zozie 23.11.09

43 Started, 11 still here on 12.03.10

Maybe someone of a mathematical persuasion could let us know what percentage this is please? All of us with a red star are people who have said they are still on their quits. If you have been missed off the list or see any errors please let either Zozie or myself know. Thanks and well done all of us, even those that folded, at least we tried.

Good luck to us all for the future of our quits. Thanks to Mixxy thats about 25.58% - great news. xxxx


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Well thats close to about 25.58% :p


Well thats close to about 25.58% :p

Hey thanks so much Mixxy hun, thats kind of you, I'm hopeless with figures, sort of glaze over!! Love and hugs for your new quit hun. xxx


Quiet but still a quitter!

I'm one of those quiet folk who has only posted once before today.

I quit on the 14 November and have not had a ciggie since (after 31 yrs of 20 a day). I feel bad that I haven't posted more often as I have got so much support from regularly reading this forum.

Anyhow I am still a De Novo quitter so please add me to quit side of the list

Many thanks to all the posters who helped me stay quit without knowing I was reading their posts



Meme...I'm still quit too!:)

I'm experiencing one of the most difficult times of my life at the moment, so not very good at posting these days, but I am a non smoker!


Well done Lousca for still being quit, thats great news. Sorry to hear things are difficult for you at the moment, hope things soon improve, have added you to the list of De Novos, so well done hun. xx :):)


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