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No Smoking Day
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Day 25

Today is Day 25. On Monday I will hit my 1 month point. I am off home this weekend, to see my girlfriend and my mum who both smoke. I have had to sit with them and see them smoking which i feel is a really challenge. Although I fconfident that I wont smoke as they are very supportive of me quitting it is still hard to sit in the same room. I will be taking my inhaletor with me so I can be at ease. I am not willing to give up on all the hard work.

Also would like to say thanks to everyone on this forum. It has helped speaking to others.

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Hi, 25 days is fantastic very nearly at a whole month there.

Maybe you could ask your girlfriend and your mum not to smoke in front of you if you think there maybe a problem? It they are supportive of you maybe they will.

Remember your reasons, and stay strong, I am looking forward to reading about how you got on next week.


Thanks, well my girlfriend trys to smoke away from me, and my mum also keeps the smoke away from me. But it is sit in my face. Still smoke free, and staying strong. My grilfriend even has a mint after smoking so when i give her a kiss i dont taste smoke, which since giving up i have realise taste disgusting, who knew, hahaha.


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