Bad night, but hopefully good day 3??

ok so i am on day 3, last night i was seriously craving a cig, my partner was outside smoking a roll up (i used to smoke lamberts) so i grabbed it off him, and had one puff of it, IT WAS DISGUSTING and because of the horrible taste i just do not want one, i havent had any cravings this morning so we shall see.

so i have stayed on day 3 on the forum because i CAN do this just can not be tempted again.

hopefully ill be good and wont do that again, i didnt feel guilty just stupid that i had done it but in a way glad i did because it really was that bad.

hope you all are doing well


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  • Hey Hannah

    Not to worry - last night was last night, today's a new day and you're nearly throught the worst bit now.. good on you for getting straight back on the wagon..

    Stay strong!


  • Keep reminding yourself over the next few days how disgusting it tasted & felt & use it as a positive experience on your road to receovery from nicotine :D

    Get back on the wagon & go for it! As you CAN do it!

  • Hi Hannah, you had a puff (a blip) don't worry about it, the main thing is that you hated it and are not tempted to do it again.

    Take one day at a time, read the links and other posts it will help, and things do get easier I promise.

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