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No Smoking Day
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Day 25 -are there any positives??!

Well, here i am day 25 on champix and was expecting to have transformed into a supermodel by now:D

All those promises of radiant skin, silky hair, pearl white teeth, boundless energy and so on

Errr, i think you'll find i am one big spot combined with the worst case of scalp psorasis ever not forgetting the achy gums and persistent tiredness (despite going to sleep at 9pm every night and not forgetting the highlight falling asleep at my boyfs birthday party minus over indulgence in alchohol i care to add)

Oh and did i mention the wonderful mood swings - the tears one minute, the elation the next

Oh and the nausea from the champix

Oh and not forgetting the weight gain - definitley my favourite bit :rolleyes:

But hey on the plus side - the last thing i fancy is the evil weed

Rant over - thankyou for listening!

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Bless you newstart,

Just remember your body has to get rid of all the chemicals & s**t smoking has deposited in it & for some will be quite a quick process & for some longer. At some point you will start to notice the difference I promise. Eat as well as you can & drink as much fluid as you can to flush evrything out. It will happen for you honestly. Remember glass half full not empty :D

I always read that peoples coughs got worse as their lungs cleared all the yuk that was accumulated but even having COPD myself my cough all but stops when I stop smoking. Where the gunk is going I don't know :eek:

We are all different & react in different ways but not breathing poison into your body has got to show some rewards at some point.....you'll see ;)

Gaynor xx


Oh Newstart so sorry to hear all this. For some the quitting process is easy for others hard and for a few it is really difficult in parts, but for all it is worth it and it does get better I promise.

I never really got the big bolt of energy, or the particularly white teeth, but I don't smell anymore, my house doesn't smell anymore or the car. I am not spending a fortune on fags, just to burn them. So try and look at the positives, I know it can be hard sometimes.

Keep up the good work, sending you some PMA to keep you going.


Know how you're feeling right now - especially the tiredness. I think the best thing to do to try and improve that is exercise - it helps to create that boundless energy folk go on about so much, too!

Just keep on reminding yourself why you are doing this, and of all the benefits you can't see. Take a couple of deep lungfuls of breath, and remind yourself how you couldn't do that before.

I agree with Bev - a little PMA goes a long way. And if all else fails, hint like mad to all around you for compliments on how much better you look since you gave up the weed! (the giant zit will fade, I'm sure)

Lottie x


Well, here i am day 25 on champix and was expecting to have transformed into a supermodel by now:D

All those promises of radiant skin, silky hair, pearl white teeth, boundless energy and so on

Oh but how can you improve on somebody who is so nearly perfect?:)

Nearly? < I hear you cry out>

You used to smoke.

I had the spotty grid thing too. I've been telling (or kidding) myself that I was dehydrating my skin with all the smoke and chemicals for many years and that the number of spots was the smount of lines that I was going to have that day if I kept smoking:)


me too newstart!

So glad to hear someone else is experiencing similar troubles! You are not alone newstart!

I thought for the first week or two my skin was starting to look better but I have horrendous amount of spots and blemish-type things appearing...is this just my body flushing out toxins?

Also the increased appetite is ridiculous! And since work is extremely hectic right now I'm finding it hard to resist anything sweet/chocolately/sugary/creamy that catches my eye! Have noticed my wine intake has increased too, am I just replacing cigarettes with other rubbish?!

This is also the first dose of PMT I've had since stopping and I'm feeling genuinely psychotic...

Oh yeah and dealing with the first nauseating couple of hours of the day after taking Champix is just the icing on the cake!

And I STILL really want a cigarette!

Sorry for massive rant!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!


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