No Smoking Day
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Day 24

Dy 24 and still smoke free.:)

I have walked my little legs off today, took my grandson for a long walk, took me over an hour. Plus I've walked to the shops and to the library. I really find it helps me to destress. I got weighed this morning and haven't put any weight on at all over the last 24 days which I'm so thrilled about. The walking does allow me to eat a little bit more as well.;) I don't actually mind if I do put a few pounds on, just don't want it to be loads.

Still have hard times but refuse to even think about smoking again. All I can do is take each day as it comes.

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Well done

Well done Wendyann - you should feel very proud of yourself even if you are exhausted :D

Stay strong


Thanks Steph.

Think I'm too tired to smoke anyway.:D


Well done Wendy, great advice there too, take one day at a time.


well done to you Wendy. Not smoking & all that exercise as well, you put me to shame LOl. The exercise bit I mean, I am still not smoking lOL :D

Keep it up, at least the extra exercise will help with any extra weight gain from all that lovely food you can actually taste now :p

Gaynor x


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