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70 days .... MAYZEN!

Hi all,

Just wanted to post that I am on day 70 today :D


I have also run 2.8 miles today! :D

And my chest didn't hurt once! even though it was about 5 degrees! oh yeah! La-la-la-la-la woop!

I'm massively happy and am going to celebrate later with a crunchie! YUM! :p

I hope you are doing well and fighting that demon away whenever he rears his ugly head!

Stay strong all

Jen x

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Hi jenny i,v been thinking about starting to run or jog where do i start.Well done you.


70 eh?


Don't look a day over 69:D

Well done, and doesn't it feel great when the legs want to give up before the lungs do when out running?

2.8 miles is blinking good!

You deserve all the chocolate you can eat:)


What were ya runnin from Jen?

Congratulations on both fronts though; since stopping I've joined a gym and am loving every minute of it. Running up the stairs got the heart pumping a little too hard for my liking. Now it takes an hour in the gym and a good swim.


Run .. Run ... as fast as you can ..

Hi jenny i,v been thinking about starting to run or jog where do i start.Well done you.

Deano - My advice would be "put one foot in front of the other and go a bit faster than when you walk" ha ha ha ... sorry couldn't resist. I know, I know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!

WELL DONE JEN!!!!!!!!!! Keep GOING HUN .... as I am running too and I am going to catch you up if you don't watch out!!





i asked for that jodi lol:o


ha ha! :D

Deano, google 'couch to 5K' - it's a great way to start without biting off more than you can chew. I complete the regime on sat but I will deifintely be carrying on. I feel loads fitter ... :)

Thanks Sarah. Yeah I love the fact my lungs could keep going. My legs are doing all of the work that's for sure!

Nice one stav, feels good huh?

Day 75 today and miles run = 3.0! :D

Jen x


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