No Smoking Day
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back to day 1

posted this on day 2 - but guess i should start from begining

well i cracked and had one this morning....

Dont think i picked the best daybut thought as it was no smoking day it was a sign... but as i work Tues - thursday and everone smokes here wasnt that easy. on the other days i am looking after my son so dont smoke ... think i should have started on friday.

i am going to have to re think my plan. will do my best not to have any but think my new real quit date will be sunday when i am surrounded by family that dont smoke and Mother's Day sounds like a good day to quit - time to be a real mother... bring on the chocs and not the smokes

hope you are all doing well and dont have one - they are not nice and the 1 sec i felt relief wasnt worth all the gulit i feel now.

have a great day.


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Why not Friday then? Sunday will only be three days till Tuesday, if you quit Friday then you'll get a good run!

In all seriousness, the time must be right for you, and whether you are around smokers or not, when you want to quit you will. I tried quitting so many times, many of them at the same time as my husband. This quit though, I felt enough was enough and quit whilst he still smoked. It was a little harder but I really had decided I could not be a smoker anymore.

Well done for posting back here. That can be the hardest bit. Stay in touch x


Fiona is right it does not matter which day of the week it is, it has to be right for you and you have to have your head in the right place.

Take some time to read the links, join the group for March 2010 quitters, read others posts to give you an idea of what it will be like, you will pick up loads of good advice.

Decide on your day and then stick to it, you can do this.


thanks - you are both right.

i was so focused yesterday and i dont know what happened. I atill think i am 18 sometimes and invincable - and not 30. time to grow up and take control.

- sorry about spelling


Hi Big,

Just wishing you good luck.

im on day one now, so if you feel like a chat just yell.



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