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oh dear didnt make it


well i cracked and had one this morning....

Dont think i picked the best daybut thought as it was no smoking day it was a sign... but as i work Tues - thursday and everone smokes here wasnt that easy. on the other days i am looking after my son so dont smoke ... think i should have started on friday.

i am going to have to re think my plan. will do my best not to have any but think my new real quit date will be sunday when i am surrounded by family that dont smoke and Mother's Day sounds like a good day to quit - time to be a real mother... bring on the chocs and not the smokes

hope you are all doing well and dont have one - they are not nice and the 1 sec i felt relief wasnt worth all the gulit i feel now.

have a great day.

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Never mind!

Dont beat yourself up too much! try again!

you're plan sounds good though! pick some days where the temptation isnt there!

Best of luck with it;)

thanks ANdy - and well done to you for making it to day 2 you must feel amazing - ill be with you soon.

Hi Bq, just choose a day when you're ready to quit, only you will know when that is

Also on day two here, got up to this point surprisingly well, cravings in the last hour have been crazy though, lucky I'm lazy and don't live next to a shop or I may have been tempted.

I'm stronger than that though, I'll push through it

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