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day 1 for the final time

Hi everyone, ive just joined this forum, as ive decided if i`m going to succeed this time, im gonna need moral support lol. so here i am.

decided to quit last night, then found out it was no smoking day today, how weird lol.

Anyway day 1 has gone fine so far, nearly strangled my son at tea time lo:Dl, but feeling much better now. tried everything before, so this time im going for it CT.

good luck to everyone whos stopping today.

Rachel xxx

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Hi Rachel, you won't be short of moral support here, we're all in the same boat, some have just been on it longer than others, but we all need steadying.

Take it a day at a time, come on here and shout, rant, scream, PM people, whatever you feel you need to do, there's always someone around.

Read a lot of posts and links in peoples signatures, there's a lot of good stuff (not the horrid scary stuff) just good factual stuff about what changes the body goes through etc. it can help to understand, or even blame something if you need to.

Keep in touch,



Hi Rachel and welcome to the forum.

You will receive loads of moral support around here, as said we are all have the same aim - to be happy non smokers.

I also did CT, because I knew it was the only way for me, every quit is different though.

I would agree with Lorraine, reading and posting are key to a successful quit, so I look forward to reading your day 2 post tomorrow. :D

Well done and stay strong, but try not to kill the children :eek:


Hi Rachel

Good luck with the CT quit! Always lots of support & inspiration here, helped me loads in getting through the first week.

Kind regards



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