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No Smoking Day
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Help me

dear forum, ive been reading some of your posts, you all sound so confident, thats just how i sounded 5 weeks ago when i stopped smoking but over the weekend i found it very very difficult and i fell off the wagon and succummed to the cravings, however i have seen the errors of my ways and i have climbed back on.

i found the first week or so, very easy but i found that the longer i used the patches the worse the cravings got, surely this is not normal?

i need some friends around me if iam to continue doing this.

please give me a boost or something.

cheers . debbie:o

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Hi Debbie

Welcome and please please please believe me you are not abnormal in anyway.

Giving up cigs is really tough and it does get hard, harder, bearable and then better. There are more ups and downs in all of our paths it is amazing we make it.

The help here really helped me....I know I would never have done this without the help and friends I have met here. So post and post and read and read. Feel free to go back through some of our previous posts and see the struggles we have all had...you are not alone.

I can say with confidence that with a bit of determination you will get there and it does get better I promise.

Good luck and stay strong...xx


Hi Debbie and welcome to the forum.

You will find loads of help and advice around here. All quits are different so whatever you are feeling is normal for you.

I think the start of most quits is a bit of a rollercoaster, you will have bad days and good days, as the quit goes on you will have more good than bad.

My advice would be to read, as Lorna has so wisely said, click on the links they will really help. Post often and you will get all the support and help you could want!

Stay strong, it is worth it and it does get better I promise.


Hi Debbie. Please don't feel you're any different to the rest of us. We're a couple of weeks into our quit and the problem is that we expect it to get easier as the time goes on, and in so many ways it does. But cos we expect it to get easier and easier, it makes the craves seem worse cos we're not on our guard, not the way we were at the beginning of our quits anyway.

We have to take it day by day, and understand that each day is different and althoug we might feel a bit cr*p today, it doesn't mean we will tomorrow. We also have to remember that we still had bad days when we smoked, what did we blame it on then?

Maybe try without the patches, or try another NRT. Don't give up giving up though.



Hi. I quit with patches. Then two weeks in found I was struggling mentally with the feeling the nicotine was still there. I'd gotten my head around the reasons i'd quit. I took the decision to wean myself off them then. Each time I put a patch on it reminded me I was an ex smoker. I did it by cutting little slices off the patch so came off gently. That worked for me. But others have stayed on and done the patches through to the end. Whatever is right for you is the right way! Whatever you do though, use this forum to assist you. It really helps x


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