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8 Full Weeks plus a bit

Hi all

Guess coming to the end of month two (57 days) feels like years since I first started or stopped yep very confused still got a way to go yet.

Urges for nicotine have nearly gone seems I need something to replace angry or confused feelings when in a stressful or confrontal situations might look into yoga.

Health wise a lot more energy and feeling fitter can do 100 lengths at pool again easy.

My alcohol intake right down as well just buy a few beers or bottle of wine ( about £10 a week) when I do food shop twice a week. I will not give up booze completely it can have benifits in moderation.

I wil try and check in more as I have been staying away from board maybe I don't want to think about smoking, hard enough when you see all the quit adverts on TV. The board has helped me a lot in the early days and I feel I need to give something back.

Quit long and prosper all


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100 Lengths of pool is amazing would take me a year to do that LOL but you are younger, I just thought I could do it if pool very very short LOL

Congrats on your quit keep strong and before you know it it will be a year xx


Hi Gary,

Good to see you're still around, we quit around the same time so it's important to know you're "there" (so to speak). I go through fits and starts with the forum, because on one hand I want to support people, but on the other hand I don't want to obsess and talk about smoking all day.

Good work on the swimming. I went for a run last night and really noticed the difference in the breaths I can take. Really deep full breaths, rather than shallow stunted ones.

Day 61ish here.


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