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Champix, amazing!!

All the best to everyone trying to quit. I quit 7 weeks ago with the aid of Champix, well not an aid as such but the most awesome thing ever.

I didn't particularly want to quit but needed to after being asthmatic all my life and smoking 30 a day for 17 years it was taking its toll.

I was told about Champix by my stop smoking advisor and didn't believe it would work, a week later I was smoke free and the thought of smoking repulsed me. I now dodn't even miss it or think about smoking, even we when I've had a drink. Plus I got a 30 pond vocher.

So if anyone is having trouble stopping ask your smoking advisor for Champix, it is awesome, I have 2 friends who have also quit using it. Seriously Champix is the one.

All the best to everyone out there.

Breathe again


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hey well done Breathe Again!!!!

Its fabulous that Champix is working for you... you seem so positive too!

keep on keeping on... and well done for Day 2... woohoo!!!




I quit 7 weeks ago zozie. But thanks for the support. Hehe X


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