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A disaster averted ... just!

As I'm getting closer to 5 months done (on 13th) with one blip last December.... I have almost thrown everything away! Things in my life are very difficult at the moment and a lot of frustration and a sense of no control at all for the past 2 weeks or so, I had a very bad day today and in a moment of total madness, I went to my local Tesco and bought a pack of 10 with the firm intention of taking the path of self destruction.... got home and opened the pack :eek: .... I just took all the fags and destroyed and binned them and opted for crying my eyes off instead!

It is so easy to be complacent and despite feeling the quit was much easier, it is just as easy to give in. I took control of the only thing I seem to be able to have control over at the moment, I feel sick I almost threw it all away :eek:

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Ohhh honeybabe,

Poor thing.... Soo glad you threw them away though.... thats a big and brave thing to do.... i fear that i would have been far more stupid if i'd gone out to get them....

you shuld feel proud of yourself... you've done the right thing by not giving in.

Its frustrating at time... sooo frustrating and i feel your pain... i've been a gnats whisker away from folding a few times...

It'll get easier... if it didnt there wouldn't be so many in the penthouse.

Big Hugggssss xxxxxx;)


You threw them away though and that was a massive break through. You came close, very close indeed but sense and tears prevailed.

Just keep looking forward and know this time will pass, the mess that is making you feel you have no control will also pass and things will even out again.

I honestly don't know that I could have thrown them away if I were in your shoes (you know the ones that Lorna wants ;)). I wouldn't have smoked them all but I do feel I may have had a couple or so, at least.

Well done you, you did good, very good :cool:

I do feel complacency is a worry at this stage of our quit and also we remember with fondness (all be it mistakenly) how uplifting a smoke can be.

Read over your ealy posts and re-live the hell that can be the first few weeks and how over the moon you felt when you got through the tough times. Remind yourself why your doing this.

The tough times your feeling now can also be got through.

Hang in there :)

Pol xx


You bought them and then threw them away? AMAZING!!!!! I would have smoked the ALL LOL. That show ya your doing just fine , even in stressful times.

Hats off to ya


HI Hun

How brave are you? How can you say you have no control when you clearly have more control than I think I would ever have. A pack in the house on my own....:eek::eek:

Stay strong and concentrate on how far you have come in the past 5 months with everything....its a long and rocky road but you are so far down it now to turn back.

Big hugs xx


That really really does take a very strong will to throw them away and I'm not sure what I would do in that situation. I think you should be very proud of yourself sweetheart, I am extremely proud of you.

I know things are tough at the moment and unfortunately life is tough and always will be, but the only reason I am not smoking again is frankly I just can not go through the last 5 months again.

Big hug darling xx



Oh sweetheart well done you for not giving in to the weed. That must have been really tough, so sorry things are not great in your life at present. I think this is a dangerous time for us, have been reading that several give in around now as complacency and the memory of smoking creeps in, I know I could murder one, but then I have done all through my quit lol.

Feel so proud of all us OCTOS that have got this far, and I for one am not going to go through that again, its a one quit pony for me.

Stay strong Corinne and do hope things improve for you.

Love Dee xxx


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