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Coming to the end of week 7

Things are still going well for me. I am enjoying all my new found energy. My 5k training is going well. My husband has stopped stopped smoking so our house is now smoke free! He is a very grumpy but this will pass.

My only issue is eating too much crap. Tomorrow I am starting to cut out the sweet things and sticking to fruit. I can feel my clothes getting a bit tight.

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Well Done elaine

love reading your post's you are always so positive like a breathe of fresh air,

good news about your hubby too :)

i know what you mean about eating junk i'm the same but as from tomorrow its stopping ( strange how its always tomorrow :D ) no i am enoughs enough now



Hi elain How well done is that 7 weeks and you are saying the same as I said about the same time cut the crap, I did honest, well as good as it can get at the mo, sez she sitting eating jelly babies LOL no fat in them.

So try not to worry too much as you will find a point were you want wont the sweet things (it hasnt happened for me but I live in hope LOL) and you seem to be doing the exercise thing which is another thing Im not doing enough of only half an hour a day fast walking oh well

I AM A NON SMOKER NOW lol Can do what I want and so can you so again congratualations on your 7 weeks xx


Thanks, June & Jamangie

I hope I can cut out the crap from tomorrow. Creme eggs are my downfall at the moment. I wasn't too bothered about putting on some wait but now I am getting too much of a belly. I suppose it will all even out, or at least that's what I tell myself.

I am going to run in the gym tomorrow. It's too darn cold to run outside at the moment.


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