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No Smoking Day
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Made it though the first week Yay *lol*

Well I have wondered if I would make it this far but I am shocked myself that I did it so I think I am gonna go treat myself today, I think I am gonna go get my hair done :o)

Its been a very tough week and I'm sure I have more tough weeks/Months to come but I HAVE to stick to it, I don't want to go back to smoking and sounding like a 90-year-old in the mornings coughing up my guts, Sitting outside on a freezing cold morning puffing away. It's hard but I will keep at it, I have no choice.

Here are my one week stats

I stopped Smoking

March 1st 2010 @ 7am

I Haven't smoked For

One week, One Hour & 40 minutes

I Have Saved

£37.40 By Not Smoking 141 Cigarettes

Everyone else who is getting through the first week keep it up and keep going! it will be worth it in the end :):)



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CONGRATULATIONS Kerry, 1 week is brilliant.

If you have got this week done, then mentally you will be more or less prepared for the others. It does get easier.

Enjoy your treat today cos you thoroughly deserve it.

Well done,

Lorraine :)


Well Done Honey!!!!

Your doing marvellously... enjoy your new hair 'do!!! :D

Isn't it amazing when you look at how much you used to smoke on a weekly basis.... 141 fags? Crikey! I'm about the same.... but theres not many things that we'd manage to repeat that many times in a week is there?

Dont quite know how i found the time for it all!!!

Keep on going!!! Yippeeee!!!! xxx


Thank you :)

I got my hair done *lol* but the lady in the hairdressers kept standing outside smoking I did giggle *lol*

I will get though the the next few weeks *I hope* I am feeling possitive today.

Take care



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