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Should I be here? or in month 3?

Hi fellow quitters!

I have a bit of a identity crisis going on ... do I live here now or in month 3? hmmm :confused:

anyway it doesn't effect the fact that I have not smoked for 2 months, 1 week and 1 day!!! woop woop :p

I survived my biggest challenge to date .. I have spent a boozy weekend in Copenhagen with 3 smokers (me being the only NON smoker!). Also, you can smoke in many bars there, so I was surrounded ... am very proud of myself for remaining a passive smoker! :D

I hope you are all having a good smoke free time!

Jen x

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I would say 3!!

Am having the same issue myself!! I have completed a month today!! Yay!

And now i am in my second month, i would think that i would move in to month two. So guessing that as you have completed 2 months (huge congratulations by the way!) I would say move to 3 and be very proud!!!!



Hi Jen

Most folk seem to move into the 'Quit Room' of the time they are beginning.

Your now beginning your third month smokefree so Month 3 so get your stuff packed and move on up if you want :)

Well done you for staying strong and not giving in whilst surrounded by smokers in that environment :cool: Good to face those triggers and come out strong.

Congratulations to you for 2 Months just over, completed.

Stay strong and keep going :)


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